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Routine Mental Health Care & Prevention Services 

After years of working in large public and community practice settings, Dr. Gustman identified an aspect of mental health care that was truly missing - routine mental health screenings. It is widely recommended that individuals meet with their primary care provider (PCP) for annual physical exams, and with their dentist for preventative dental care every 6 months. For mental health...

I am excited to provide routine behavioral and mental health screenings for children and youth (3 - 21 years-old). Under the Mental Health Parity Act, individuals may be able to have the cost of these screenings and consultations covered in part, or in whole, by their preventative care insurance benefits.

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Initial Consult & Scheduling

This initial consult is to check if mental health screening is appropriate for you, and/or your child(ren). If so, we will send you paperwork to complete prior to the appointment. We will also give you the opportunity to draw our attention to any areas where you have some concern. Ideally, any remotely administered (digital) rating scales or questionnaires will then be completed prior to the scheduled screening session.


Screening Session

This appointment is ideally completed in-person, and may be completed adequately via telehealth (with some pre-planning). The session includes general symptom screening measures, clinical interview, in-session observations, and opportunities for the client to share specific questions or concerns.

Opportunities to talk about stressful life events, alcohol or substance use, high-risk behaviors, sexual health, self-injury, and suicidal thoughts are all topics explored depending on the age and developmental level of the client.

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Screening Summary Report

Dr. Gustman will prepare a screening summary report and share the results of that with the client or their caregiver/parent within 3-5 business days after receiving all screening results. The report will include any areas of clinical concern, at-risk for developing difficulties, and those within expected ranges. Areas of concern or those at-risk will also include potential prevention or intervention recommendations. This screening report will be shared with your (or your child's) primary care provider (PCP) and any current/recent mental health provider, as appropriate.


Feedback Session & Follow-up

This is a 30 minute feedback session that is offered to the client and/or their caregivers/parents, after they have reviewed the screening summary report. It is a chance to clarify results, ask questions, obtain referrals, etc. Most often this happens by telehealth.


If you or your child's results indicate a need for treatment, they will receive priority access to services at this clinic (or referrals to other professionals if preferred). Screening clients who do not present with current clinical needs, are still eligible for priority access at the clinic if they develop significant symptoms in the six (6) months following the screening. 

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