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Fees for Services

Below are the full fees for services provided at The (K)Now Clinic. These are the private fee-for-service rates. Some of these services may be reimbursable through your medical insurance coverage. The (K)Now Clinic is in-network* for psychotherapy (and limited psychological assessment) for most Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, and Blue Shield of California plans. Dr. Gustman is currently in-network for Optum (United Health Care, Oscar, & Oxford, etc.) and Aetna insurance plans through a contract with Alma.  

*Due to service reimbursement rates of most health insurance plans, Dr. Gustman primarily offers in-network services during normal business hours Monday-Thursday before 5pm. 

Service Fees (by service time) & Average Total Costs

Fees for services are current as of February 2024. The "Average Total Cost" is to support potential and current clients as they make decisions about their care; the costs for some services may be higher if a client wants to work on different therapy goals at different points, or if an assessment is particularly time-intensive. You will be asked about any significant changes to your estimate before the additional service is provided. 

Evening (at or after 5pm) or Sunday appointments with Dr. Gustman are generally fee-for-service (private pay only); clients who have insurance may opt to waive their in-network benefits for these appointment times, and they may be able to submit their payments for out-of-network reimbursement to their insurance plan. 

Services marked with an (*) are provided on a fee-for-service basis due to inadequate in-network reimbursement rates for mental health screenings, and comprehensive assessment/evaluation services.

Individual or Parent-Child Therapy

Therapy Intake session: $275/hr (PhD) or $200/hr (Master's)

Average Total Cost of Therapy Intake (1-2 sessions): $275 - 550

Standard 60-minute session: $225/hr (PhD) or $150/hr (Master's)

Average Total Cost of Course of Individual Therapy (8 - 30 sessions): $1800 - 6750

Complex or Evening 60-minute session: Intake or Standard session + $25/hr

Average Total Cost of Complex sessions (0 - 10 sessions): Standard Course costs + $0 - 750

Mental Health Check-up*

Symptom inventories, brief developmental and behavioral history, 60-minute screening/diagnostic interview with 30-minute feedback session and report:

$350 - 500

Average Total Cost: $350 - 500


Direct Assessment, Interviews & Feedback Sessions: $350/hr

60 minutes of direct interview/measure administration/observation/feedback.

Additional 60 minutes of psychologist time for preparation, scoring, interpreting, and report writing included.

Written Review of Records (15 pages of standard type-font): $150/hr


Average Total Psychodiagnostic Evaluation Costs: $1200 - 3500

Psychoeducational Evaluations & IEEs*

Direct Assessment, Interviews, Observations & Feedback Sessions: $350/hr

60 minutes of direct interview/measure administration/observation. Additional Psychologist time for scoring, interpreting, and report writing included.

Written Review of Records (15 pages of standard type-font): $150/hr

Average Total Psychoeducational Evaluation (or IEE) Costs: $2750 - 5750

Psychoeducational Evaluations are conducted for suspected disabilities that may/likely result in educational impairment (communication, academic, socialization, or emotional and behavioral) and that require specially-designed instruction or educational accommodations and supports. For college students these services may be covered in part or in whole through a superbill submitted to your insurance provider. For students birth through high school graduation, these are provided at public expense by your public school district of residence (even in you homeschool, send your child to private or religious schools), under federal and state Special Education Laws. To request such an assessment contact the special education department for your local school district or ask an administrator at your child's school, and make your request in writing. 

Parents of minor students, and Adult Students are entitled to a Second Opinion through an Independent Educational Evaluation (IEE) at the expense of the public school district, if they disagree with the results of the district's assessment and request an IEE in writing or as part of a Special Education Eligibility/IEP meeting or Section 504 Eligibility Meeting.    

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