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Meet Dr. Gustman

Welcome to my private practice! I am excited to offer the type and variety of services that I would want for myself, family members, and friends. I look forward to continually growing and expanding my practice, skills, and staffing to meet the needs of my communities. 

My Story

Dr. Brian Gustman, Ph.D. (he/him/his or they/them/theirs), is a Licensed Clinical & School Psychologist (CA PSY.33397, CO PSY.0005139, NCSP 41452) specializing in psychological/psychoeducational assessment and consultation, and the treatment of a broad range of presenting conditions including Neurodevelopmental (ADHD, Autism Spectrum, Intellectual Developmental, and Learning Disorders), Behavioral, Depressive, Anxiety, Trauma- and Stress-Related Disorders. He was affectionately given the nickname  "Dr. G" by some of his clients and colleagues early in his career. 

Broadly, services through Dr. G's practice emphasize:

  • the knowledge that most psychological conditions are capable of being treated,

  • that individuals often underestimate their abilities and capabilities as an effect of their condition,

  • that good psychological services are most effective when client's develop the skills and habits that increase their ability to leverage strengths to compensate for areas of difficulty,

  • and that enhance their relationship with themselves and with others, to the point that they no longer think they need therapy, but know when to return to therapy if needed.



In recent years, the majority of Dr. Gustman’s work has been as a lead school psychologist in large city/county school districts supporting the professional development, consultation and training of other psychologists, clinical/school social workers, and other qualified mental health professionals in assessment, counseling, and trauma-focused interventions. Dr. Gustman has maintained a caseload of clients for assessment, therapy, and/or consultation throughout his time in leadership and supervisory positions; operating a part-time private therapy and assessment practice since 2019. He continues to virtually train other psychotherapists across the country, through his collaboration with Heather Risk, PsyD & Associates, PLLC in Lexington, KY, an APA-Approved Continuing Education Provider. He has also been elected as the President of  the San Francisco Psychological Association (SFPA), a local chapter of the California Psychological Association (CPA).

Lifelong Learning

Dr. Gustman completed his graduate studies at the University of Kentucky, ultimately earning his Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in School/Educational Psychology with minor concentrations in: counseling, developmental disabilities, and statistics. He selected this program due to its emphasis on social justice and preparing professional health psychologists (with clinical, counseling, and school psychology emphases). He has worked part-time as a psychology trainee since 2006, and has been in full-time psychology practice since 2009. He continues to thrive on opportunities to nerd-out within his profession whether through offering workshops, trainings, teaching graduate courses, presenting at conferences, or consuming literature. 

Advocating & Affirming

Dr. Gustman continually works toward a greater understanding of anti-oppressive and social justice advocacy and action. His personal and professional journeys have afforded him the experience to live in and know people from rural, suburban, and city communities, conservative and liberal political and religious values, and of varied socioeconomic statuses. While working with teachers, supervisors, mentors, and clients of various privileged and oppressed identities, Dr. Gustman was able to further develop his skills to provide culturally-respectful and identity-affirming psychological services to individuals of many different ethnicities, nationalities, religions, abilities, gender identities, and sexual orientations. Dr. Gustman has worked in a variety of settings throughout his career, including: medical colleges, outpatient assessment and therapy clinics, school-based youth clinics, residential treatment centers, separate school programs for students with ongoing safety concerns, daycare/preschool quality evaluation programs, and public schools.

He firmly believes that access to quality behavioral and mental health services should be available to all people who need it. To this end, he is an advocate for universal healthcare, including mental health care, and in the interim, for improved insurance reimbursement rates for mental health services to expand in-network provider participation. By expanding provider networks in this way, it will result in the timely provision of essential services for us, our children, family members, friends, and neighbors.

Perfectly Human

After nearly a decade in the Denver Metro Area, Dr. Gustman and his husband relocated to San Francisco, CA in January 2020. They currently live in the city with Laddu, a rescued bullmastiff. The considerable diversity of people and ethnicities as been particularly comfortable to them as a same-sex, interracial family.


They have been a multigenerational home and family at different points during their relationship. They enjoy opportunities to travel to see their nieces and nephews (and other family members too). 


Dr. Gustman enjoys walking and biking around the city and Bay Area, meeting up with friends and colleagues, trying new restaurants, and taking random road trips. Live music and theater are some favorite activities that he really missed during the pandemic. He has a lifelong interest in animals, and enjoys hiking to try to see local wildlife, and also enjoys dog training. When possible, Dr. Gustman and Rabin travel across the United States and abroad, often to see family and also to see and experience how others live in and experience the world.

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